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Predictions for any small diesel trucks are generally released by the consumer reports. Whether or not the models that have been introduced in the recent times provide high levels of efficiency, allow smooth driving, ensure fuel efficiency etc. are being analyzed.

Here is the list of top 2 best small diesel trucks:

Toyota Tacoma  
For Ranger small diesel pick-up truck

Toyota Tacoma small diesel truck

For Ranger small diesel truck

Non-turbo Subaru Forester
This is one small truck available with more room at an affordable price. On a new chassis it is built with an appearance that is fresh. Increase in dimensions of track width, improvement in the center of gravity, wider doors in the front, greater stability, more space for cargo, double wishbone for rear suspension, location of buttons for cruise control on the telescoping steering wheel, roomy seats, cup holders, 170 hp in 6000 rpm, four speed automatic or five speed manual sport shift transmission, great price, all-wheel drive are some of its features.

Honda CR-V
The Honda CR-V’s styling has seen an updated. It is a well-built small diesel truck featuring uniform plastics, camera offering standard backup for a good rear view with audio line, USB port and power point in the centre console. Electronic connections are provided in the model. It assures overall economy in terms of fuel usage, adequate cargo space and rear seating, small handles at the cargo area and folding seat. Driving this diesel truck is a pleasant experience, riding is quiet with easy to use steering, adequate acceleration, 185 horsepower, centre of gravity is high, all-wheel drive system, blind spots at the car’s rear side, and make is a great all-rounder.

Mitsubishi Outlander
The Mitsubishi Outlander small diesel truck is a top notch sports utility vehicle available at an affordable price. Its capabilities are improved and differences are seen in its key design. Quality of cabin is enhanced, offers great long drive, torque of 145 pound feet and 148 horsepower is delivered by the 2.0 liter inline four engine and 5 speed manual is offered by the transmission with optimized traction and superb fuel economy. Its voice activation system is standard and styling aggressive, with standard features for safety including electronic stability system, side impact air bags, curtain bags in the side for second and first rows, and all disc antilock brakes.

V6 Toyota RAV4
The V6 Toyota RAV4 is an SUV in three trim levels including sport, limited and base. Regular suspension, keyless ignition, satellite radio, heated mirrors, automatic climate control in two zone, stereo system is upgraded with 6 CD exchanger, roof rails and headlights are automatic. This small diesel truck is well equipped assist for hill start and control for hill descent. Great fuel economy is offered at 22 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway when driving is combined, 179 hp and 172 pound fee torque and 2.5 liter inline engine with four cylinder is offered in this truck.

4-cylinder Toyota RAV4
It is for its performance that this car is popular. Its 3.5 liter V6 engine is optional and based on its power it competes with the rest of the brands. Wind noise is controlled, base engine is in four cylinder and 179 hp makes it worthy car.  This is an affordable small diesel truck offering a smooth and pleasant driving experience.

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