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The Peterbilt 387 has some great features as a trailer truck. It has a bare cab shell, a hood in sloping form, dynamic, rounded, less sharp. Approximate height with the upper fairing is about thirteen feet. On the highway it makes a truck which is one of the most prestigious one and its interiors are great.

The doublewide sleepers are of the standup type allowing adequate space for appliances like a refrigerator, a personal computer and a microwave. The vehicle is Smartway compliant due to which it has received recognition from the Agency of Environmental Protection. Recognition was received since its features included bumpers, roof and mirror in the highest quality and fairings of fuel tank on the side that is sophisticated enough.

Peterbilt 387 Fuel Efficient Truck

Peterbilt 387
In this great truck design the packaging is aerodynamic and improvement of efficiency of the engine is seen. Fuel can be saved to the extent of ten to twenty percent making it one of the environmental leaders. Greenhouse emissions of gas are significantly reduced by this truck especially NOx and other hazards of the environment.

With a five year warranty it offers around 500,000 miles. When you ride it on the road it is guaranteed to draw a lot of attraction. Designers of the truck have designed it in an exclusive design. Its performance is superior and is a fuel efficient truck. Crown of the grille is rounded and hood lines sweep.

Exceptional Maneuverability
Around the trailer and the truck, the flow of air is optimized. Maneuverability up to exceptional levels is offered with a radius that runs tight. Wiring is reduced by the multiplexing and technology of the circuit board, thus improving level of reliability. Hood opens at 90 degrees thus allowing greater serviceability.

Visibility is outstanding since into the fenders integrated is a system of forward lighting of the highest intensity. The truck certainly has some great exterior accessories, like the sleeper window trim, bumper bars, battery and tool box, sleeper and cab panels, upper door under the trim, under headlight trims, view window trims, fairing insert, rear frame replacement step, punched grills and lots more which are not difficult to avail.

Reliable and High Quality Truck

Peterbilt 387 truck
In terms of reliability and quality it is able to surpass almost any other truck. Not only does it perform magnificently on the bottom line but on the highway as well. If you are looking for a used truck then you can find some great deals on various sites on the internet. All that it takes is a few minutes to conduct a review and then contact the representative of the sales department. If you have any queries then these can also be asked and doubts cleared.

A large number of the pre-owned trucks are in the best of condition and high quality. The best of services are offered to customers interested in this truck purchase. Check the listings, pictures, specifications, pricing and details first before deciding to make a final purchase. If you know of someone who is already an owner of this truck you can speak and discuss finer points on the benefits of investing in this truck. You are sure to feel convinced in making a decision of purchasing the Peterbilt 387 truck.

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