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Peterbilt 379 is the flagship truck of this company. This remained as a flagship truck from 1987 to 2007. The 379 had some of the powerful inline six cylinder turbo-diesel engines. This was similar to the engines that were highway vehicles. Caterpillar 3406 and Caterpillar C-15 were fitted into the engine. Due to this the 379 boasted of 4-9 miles per gallon. It also depended on the road condition, the load carried and of course the driver. Many Peterbilt 379 had major engine work only after running over one million miles.

History of the Trucks

peterbilt 379

During the first half of the 20th century, a lumber entrepreneur, T. A. Peterman wanted the logs from the forest to reach his lumber mills quickly. The conventional methods of floating logs down the river or on horses were too slow for him. He tried to create something with automobile technology which was still a nascent industry. The trucks industry took its first step.

After many years Peterman bought a truck manufacturing company. Initially he made trucks for his personal use. Then he began to sell. Somewhere in those years his company was named as Peterbilt Trucks. After his death it changed hands but it grew to become one of the most popular heavy weight trucks.

As the trucks were initially created to haul logs from the forest to the lumber mills, the trucks were in the beginning itself big made. The trucks had to go through rough terrain. So the wheels and the body had to be tough. Even today the Peterbilt Trucks are massive. They are used to haul huge machines. The wheels are wide and they are truly heavy trucks.

The Flagship Truck

peterbilt 379 for sale

Peterbilt 379 is the flagship truck of this company. It was the sought after model from 1987 to2007. The signature styling is the long nose shape in the front. 379 model is the last conventional truck with the aluminium hood. The standard and long hood length trucks also had this hood. It was produced till 2007. In the twenty years run the interiors were changed many times.

From 1987 to 2000 it was ‘Original Dash’. The ‘Ergonomic Dash’ was used 379 during the years 2001 to 2005. ‘2006 + Dash’ was the last dash to be used in 379. It was used in all colors like Burgundy Wine, Maritime Blue, Arctic Gray and Saharan Tan. “American Class” interiors were dropped in 2005 when the Ergonomic Dash was dropped. The colors of the dash also changed over the years. The cab doors also went through changes in 2004. Some of the changes done gave it a retro look. A larger peep window was fitted into the passenger window.

From the time Peterbilt trucks were manufactured numbers were given to the new models. Thus you have 358, 359, 346, 348, 353, 387, 362, the list can go on. The 379 model remained to stay for twenty years. Over the twenty years minor changes were brought to Peterbilt 379.

Different Models of Peterbilt 379

The Peterbilt 379 EXD brought out in the year 1998 has a Detroit 470 engine. The FA capacity is 12,000 lbs. and the RA capacity was 38,000 lbs. The aluminium wheel had a wheel base of 261”. The 2005 Peterbilt 379 EXD had a Caterpillar 475 engine. The FA capacity is 12,000 lbs. The wheels were same as the 1998 model. In 2006 many models were produced.

The 2006 Peterbilt 379 -127 has a Catepillar 475 engine. The FA capacity is 12,000 lbs and RA capacity is 40,000 lbs. The wheels are aluminium and the wheel base is 270”.  The 2007 version had the same specifications as far as the engine was concerned. The RA capacity was 38,000 lbs. The aluminium wheel has a wheel base of 230”.

There is long list of dealers in the US. Some of them are

  • ABCO Truck & Equipment
  • ADESA Atlanta
  • Buckshot Truck Sales
  • Calmont Group
  • Calmont Group – Truck Center
  • ADESA Boston
  • Wilkens Industries
  • WW Trailers, Inc.
  • Yerevan Truck and Equipment Sales

Online Details

There are many online websites that give you the details of Peterbilt trucks, especially Peterbilt 379 for sale. Some of them are www.truckbuyonline,, www.toptrucksonline.  All details are available on these websites. A good web site will have the photo of the truck.

Beside it will be the details like the year of manufacture, the model, the price and the mileage. The details of the dealer are also given alongside. When so many details are given then it is very easy to track down what you want. You can compare the prices with each dealer and then fix the purchase.

Many pictures of the Peterbilt 379 for sale can be viewed on the web. They look very tough and very different from other trucks. They are really heavy load trucks. The hood and the long nose are created with aerodynamic principles in mind. Peterbilt 379 is one of the best of the trucks.

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