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Mud trucks are vehicles used for mud racing. Mud racing is also called mud bogging. All kinds of trucks are used for this purpose, but these days, there are trucks specially designed for the purpose of racing in mud. These trucks are driven not on firm surfaces but in soft mud so the design has to suit the purpose. Mud trucks have larger wheels so that the vehicle has a better grip in the slush. Other large trucks are 4 by 4 trucks, monster trucks, but these trucks have special features as these are used for racing in mud.

Special Mud Trucks for Sale Websites

Buying Mud Trucks

Racing a mud truck is possible only much training and practice. If you wish to purchase a mud truck, it is best to take a look at the internet. Websites that are devoted to mud trucks, post pictures of the vehicles from various angles along with various figures about it and also videos so that you know how it runs. Enthusiasts can discuss online with other aficionados about these vehicles and exchange notes. There will be many online sharing the same passion for these large vehicles.

Top brand Mud Trucks for Sale:

Mud Trucks Online Dealers

It is possible to compare costs, get advice and technical know-how from other drivers. When you shop online you can conduct a search by various categories. You can see pictures of vehicles which have won races, in case you wish to buy those vehicles. Other than the internet magazines devoted to automobiles and racing also feature trucks for sale. At various racing events, there is on the side a lot of buying and selling going on. When the trucks are physically present, you can drive them to check if all is well with them.

Mud racing is mainly seen in Canada and the US. Initially tractor tires were used on trucks. But now special mud truck tires can be purchased! The mud racing events have their own set of rules. There are professional bodies which enforce these rules. The trucks are examined before the races. The trucks pass very close to the spectators and need to be certified to be safe and fit for racing.

Categories of Trucks

Mud Trucks SaleThe different categories of trucks depending on their modifications are stock, modified stock, pro stock, pro modified, unlimited cut tires and unlimited paddle tires. The stock trucks can have only basic modifications like headers. Modified stock has some permitted modifications.

Pro stock has plenty of modifications, all authorized ones. The pro modified vehicle is permitted nitrous oxide but cannot use supercharger or turbo. These are permitted to use cut tires.

Bigfoot, Snake Bite, Predator, Carolina Crusher, Samson and Executioner are some of the fancy names that mud trucks have. These trucks can be driver by a single driver or by two. The driver’s safety has to be of prime concern for all as trucks are known to topple over pinning the driver in it.

If anyone wishes to buy mud trucks,, and are popular sites that are dealers for mud trucks. Mud trucks are gaily painted and decorated. Since they are wet all the time they need to have anti-rust paint on them. Mud trucks should be driven only by experts.

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