Best Diesel Trucks 2012

in Diesel Trucks 2012

The trucks are used for transportation of cargo from one place to another. The trucks always vary in their size, power and configuration. The commercial trucks have very huge capacity; they are mostly configured to carry very specialized goods or cargo. Some of the specialized trucks are fire trucks, concrete mixers and suction excavators. Most of the trucks are run on diesel; very few run on gasoline. In the United States the trucks are used mostly for commercial use. These trucks are little larger than the normal cars.

Some of the best diesel trucks of 2012 are mentioned as below:

The diesel trucks in the United States are mostly used for the business purposes or at times for some outdoor activities. The person or the company can buy the trucks as per the budget and the nature of requirement. These trucks are preferred because of their high horsepower it gives and also the fuel costs are very low.

Dodge Trucks 2012

Dodge Trucks 2012

The diesel trucks of Dodge was established in the year 1900 by the Dodge Brothers Company. The company was then sold to Chrysler Corporation in the year 1928. The company manufactures all types of cars and also diesel trucks. The Dodge Dually Diesel truck costs around US$33,000. These trucks are expensive because of their automatic transmission features. The second hand models of these trucks are available at a cost of US$12,000.

Chevrolet Trucks 2012

Chevrolet Trucks 2012

The Chevrolet or the Chevy was founded by the General Motors in the year 1911. The company manufactures various types of vehicles like SUV, sedan and diesel trucks. The cost of the Chevrolet LT3 Silverado costs US$33,900.

Ford Trucks 2012

Ford Trucks 2012

The Company was established in the year 1903. The company has been named from the name of the founder Mr. Henry Ford. The company is best known for the mustang cars; but they are equally competitive in the diesel trucks. They are one of best diesel trucks of 2012. The cost of the Ford trucks is approximately around US$37,495.

GMC Trucks 2012

GMC Trucks 2012

The General Motor Company was founded in the year 1909. The General Motor Company manufactures many vehicles including the diesel trucks. The cost of the diesel trucks is US$35,000. The model GMC 3500 is very useful for commercial business as there is lot of back end storage space available in these diesel trucks.

Hino & Toyota Trucks 2012

The Toyota Motors have acquired a majority of shares of Hino Motors Ltd. The latest hit in the market by the company is the Hino COE model diesel trucks which have been specially designed for the North American market. It also has a automatic transmission feature. It is useful for the businesses like Food and Beverage Distribution, General Freight, Landscaping, Construction or Utility.

The future diesel trucks are designed to have ESP system which includes three cameras which are installed on the steering wheels and the driver’s cabin. The SKF Company has proposed to have an electromechanical steering system instead of the conventional hydraulic systems. These systems which are installed in the diesel trucks shall help the owners to understand the working of the drivers and how they can be alerted on any kind of emergency.

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